Wondershare Mobile Data Transfer software

Wondershare Mobile Data Transfer software
Wondershare MobileTrans software to transfer data such as contacts, text messages, multimedia files, software, etc. from a mobile phone to other phones with different operating systems. For example, you can easily record numbers with a few simple clicks from one phone to another mobile phone is fully transferred.  Mobile phone makes the process easier and less frustrating.
If you think that getting stuff from your old mobile to your new mobile is difficult, think again. Cellular companies tend to only transfer contacts between phones and leave out the call logs, music, text messages, pictures, apps and the videos. Wondershare MobileTrans is a piece of software that will do all that for you.
Transfer more than just contacts: Copy over your text messages, apps, photos, call logs and music between all your devices with a single click.
Transfer to multiple devices: Transfer any data you want shared between different devices such as Android, iOS and Symbian.

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