Road Design and Analysis Software

Access 3D modeling, construction-driven engineering, and analysis all in one application. Streamline your workflow, ensure design quality, and reduce production time with Power InRoads. 
Combine traditional engineering workflows of plan, profile, and cross-sections with innovative 3D modeling technology. The result is improved quality with integrated designs based on computational relationships and constraints.
Using Power InRoads, you can:
  • Assure the project is engineered as designed using design intent, which is critical for the 3D model
  • Enable users to share project information across teams, locations, and disciplines with precision and security
  • Use design-time visualization to experience your design on the fly and save money on additional software and staff for visualization needs
Everything you need for your transportation and civil design projects.  
  • Survey and data acquisition for all field data types
  • Dynamic, interactive 3D modeling of roadways and corridors
  • Terrain modeling and analysis
  • Interactive coordinate geometry
  • Profiles and cross sections
  • Geometric design
  • Regression analysis
And all the creation, editing, visualization, and publishing capabilities of MicroStation in one application.
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